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Reonomy Data Solutions

Scale your business with intelligence

Reonomy data helps your business discover opportunities and gain insights by connecting properties, companies, people, and transactions. Get access to the most expansive knowledge graph in CRE via Reonomy Data Solutions*.

*Available to enterprise customers only.

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Which solution is right for your business?

Bulk Data Feeds

Ingest Reonomy data in bulk (typically >10k records) into your systems


Power your applications and workflows with immediate access to Reonomy data

Property Search

Locate properties based on geography, asset type, building area, etc.

Entity Resolution and Enrichment

Match addresses and locations in your database to Reonomy properties

Offline Data Analysis

Perform aggregations and other types of analysis across large swaths of data

Scheduled Data Delivery

Ensure your bulk Reonomy data remains up-to-date with regular scheduled updates

Live Data Integration

Integrate the latest Reonomy data into your applications and workflows

Need something simpler?

If you're looking to export up to 2,000 property records per month, the "Exports" feature in our web application may be a better solution for you.

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Contact Us for Reonomy Data Solutions

Reonomy data solutions are available to enterprise customers only.
For information about becoming a Reonomy enterprise data customer, email us at

Trusted by Our Clients

Cushman and Wakefield
J P Morgan
"We harness the Reonomy ID, a unique identifier for each commercial real estate asset and the Reonomy Knowledge Graph... to resolve and augment our property data."

JPMorgan Chase


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