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Reonomy data solutions

Reonomy offers multiple pathways for enterprise customers to use our commercial real estate data. Our data solutions fall into one of two main categories:

  • Scheduled delivery of bulk property data. This is ideally suited for customers who want to integrate Reonomy property data with their own databases or CRMs, or for those wishing to perform offline analysis across large numbers of properties.
  • Live integration using our API. This is ideally suited for customers requiring immediate access to data for individual properties or relatively small numbers of properties.

Reonomy data solutions are available to enterprise customers only. For information about becoming a Reonomy enterprise data customer, email us at

Scheduled bulk data delivery

For customers requiring delivery of bulk property data (typically tens of thousands or millions of records), our bulk data feed solutions allow for fully customized, scheduled delivery of property data as CSV or NDJSON files. Our data pipeline publishes the most recent property data once a week, so you can schedule deliveries to align with our typical data publishing schedule, or a cadence that fits your needs.

For bulk deliveries, we can deliver the full dataset each time, or only records that have changed since the last run.

When configuring a bulk data feed, the key steps are:

  1. Define the properties of interest, either by specifying a set of search criteria or by providing a file with address, geocoded locations, or property IDs.
  2. Specify the data attributes you want for each property. The data attributes we offer are subdivided into broad categories like sales, mortgages, ownership, etc. You can select the categories you want, or select specific attributes within one or more categories (CSV only).
  3. Set up a delivery schedule (for example, weekly or monthly) and specify any additional options.

For more information about data delivery using bulk data feeds, see About bulk data feeds.

Bulk data feed setup

Live data integration

For live integration with Reonomy property data, our API offers fast access to our property search engine and data delivery engine.

Our HTTP API accepts JSON and form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and methods. The POST /search/summaries endpoint provides access to our search engine using the same search criteria available on the Reonomy web app. The GET /properties/{id} endpoint lets you retrieve data for specific individual properties, while POST /properties/bulk provides realtime access to data for up to 250 properties at a time.

For more information about synchronous data delivery using our API, see About the API

API response

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